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Cannabis Balm - Anecdotal Evidence

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i bought some balm at a dispensary a while back.


i got it so i could apply it topically to my pains, but found it didnt work much for that purpose.

since it was so inneffective at pain relief, i thought they might have not put in much oil.

so i've been rubbing it on different things: moles, skin tabs, bumps, warts, wounds, abcesses.


i should mention here that none of this is medical advice, and you should consult a doctor.


feet warts: i started rubbing it on my warts , after two weeks i didnt see any difference in size or toughness. i look at my foot now (months later) and dont see any warts. warts come and go for me, so i'll say inconclusive. but the balm did take away the stinging/itching of the warts at least.


bump on lower back: rubbed balm on for two weeks, no difference. bump still there months later.


ingrown toenail: seems to work wonders. redness/swelling and pain gone. was not having success using rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or soaking in warm soapy water or soaking it in water+iodine.


strange growth behind ear: painful bump, like a pimple. tried squeezing it, got nothing but pain. painful bump remained for a month until i thought to try the balm on it. after just one day the bump lost 50% of its size. i scratched off a layer of hardened skin and some blood came out. put balm on it again and bump scabbed up. few more applications of balm and its almost gone, no pain.


trying it on a skin tab and a mole now. it didnt work for some things.

i was really happy with the results on other things.

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Warts on your feet?  As in plantars warts? 


Plantars warts are caused by HPV, they often disappear by themselves.  Its awesome that you noticed a difference, either way.


On another note: I used some balm on a patch of psoriasis that were bothering me immensely one night.  Basically out of frustration with the itching and inability to sleep caused by it.  I feel asleep within a half hour - the itching ceased enough to allow me sleep.  I have not tried it again to test the theory, but intend to.


I have several moles, have had several removed too.  The curious thing about those on my arms- when removed by a dermatologist they do not return.  (they go deep and cauterize afterwards)   When removed by accidental means (one was large and accidentally scratched off by my husband and another on a bra strap) they come back - same location and all.  I would appreciate hearing your results on the moles and the balm! 


Good luck in your studies and please keep us up to date on the results.

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I love the topical I make by mixing cannabis oil with coconut oil.  10gms of Coconut Oil to 1 gm of RSO.  It works wonderfully.  I use it for pain....apply it like I would icy hot and it works great!  There are some psychoative effects for me at least.  I am a low tolerance kinda guy and applying this stuff liberally gives me one of the most relaxed, pleasant buzzes ever!  :)

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we use this mix for our animals, as a topical for sore hips, hot spots, and even a maintenance edible for the old ones. They immediately changed their lives , like puppies again with one "dose" a week. We use pure (1lb)organic hemp oil, infused(7grams concentrated) @ 100f for 60 seconds and it stays in solution forever

One of our dogs has semi free access to her edible meds, and is in charge of her own dosing, for years now. she is a new gal, and we cherish the gift.

She takes her "hit" about 4 times per week. she overdosed one time, her first. we love her dearly. She climbs trees again, for the squirrel, and chases the "hawk bird" for acres !

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