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Patients Cards?


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well, if a cop comes by for a sneak n peek, sees you have 24 plants...

hes going to want to see a cg and patient card to believe you are under the limit set forth in sec4 of the mmma.


whether you put this on your door or not, a copy should be nearby in case anyone wants it.


to answer your question, no. there is no such law about cards being on doors.


there was some talk about having your drivers license with your cards to prove its your mmj card.

but i dont know if that was a case law or a recommendation or what.

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They always seem to come at the most inconvenient times, too. Not to mention, in my case anyway, I just freak out when I see one of them on my property.

Actually when they get within 100ft, of it my built in radar, signals: Red Alert!  Red Alert! Red Alert!  


Bottom line, have all your paperwork, cards, recomendations, anything and everything, where you will remember, like the Coat Closet at the front door.   jic


...buy the bye: Thought this was the 'How Long was it?' blog. Anyway I got my card in the mail today June 28, went for my recert May 14, that's 45 days.


Paid them to do it all. Fill out the PW, Mail it, send me a Confirmation card at 21 days. Happy & Medicated. Life is good! Peace of mind .....priceless!  

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I just received a written physician certification today from my doctor. Can i start growing and smoking legally today or do i have to wait?


If you want to be protected under the law, you need to wait.  After sending your paperwork/check to the state, you need to wait 20 business days after they cash your check.  If you do not receive a denial letter during that time, a copy of your paperwork and proof of cashed check serve as your card, until the card comes. 


So on the 21st business day after the state cashes your check, you become "legal".  (if you do not receive a denial letter)  I always advise people to go online or to the bank and print/get proof of the cashed check and keep it with their copy of the application.   


Good luck and welcome to the 3MA!!

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Do you have to have a copy of all your Patients cards on the door to your grow ?

  BY LAW, Or is this just being nice for LOE'S. Seams like that would fall under HIPA laws????




                Thanks :dodgyrun: Vince


There are no laws regarding this.  This is up to the caregiver to decide what is best for his situation.


Many caregivers utilize the following sign and write patients card numbers in. 



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