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Legalizing Mj Is Hard Regulating Pot Is Harder


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 Legalizing MJ is Hard Regulating Pot is Harder

USA -- It’s not every day that a former Microsoft executive holds a press conference to announce his new venture into the exciting and profitable world of drug dealing. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this month when Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft corporate strategy manager, announced that he wants to create the equivalent of Starbucks in the newly legalized pot industry in Washington state.

All this is happening at the same time that the Washington State Liquor Control Board is looking to finalize rules on the new, legal marijuana industry. And one of the major debates right now among board members is how much they ought to prevent or encourage the kind of market consolidation in which a few firms dominate the whole industry.


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Looks like the government is going to screw up legalization. They are going to try to regulate this stuff like alcohol. They don't understand the nature of the drug and how easy it is to produce. They better get their heads screwed on right and realize that it can't be regulated like alcohol. They are going to go through all sorts of maneuvers and strategies to try to control the substance only to find out that it can't be controlled. Haven't the past 40 years taught them anything?

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in one of the draft rules they said 100mg of thc.

how do you weigh thc? you can weigh oil i guess.

but oil is a mixture of a bunch of stuff.

what does testing show in percentages? what does pure thc look like ? is it a powder? an oil? crystals?

isnt thc tested by burning it? how do you measure it when its possibly in thca form?

or is this a 'we're doing something, its impossible to check and no one cares , so now its a law' kind of thing?

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