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Newby From A Crappy State


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I found this site and really liked itI live in New York State,My sister in law is from Dexter...I am chronic pain patient on major dose of opiates through a Pain specialist.Opiate therapy has given me cyclic vomting which I use Marinol and Zofran for.I use med quality cannabis but cannot do so in earnest.If the fear factor and the getting ripped off for every buy factor were out of my life,I could ditch the opies and have some semblence of quality of life.My wife gives me hard time...and she is medical professional!! I have 2 great kids..my girl is Pre-med and getting 4.0 and my son is in excellerated classes and a Junior in High school.I own my own house and have all the things inplace to have a yearly "Staycation"-pool,hottub the works.But if Ny hasn't gone at least medical legal by the time my son graduates,my family will be moving to cannabis friendly state.And I am retired Hunting and Fishing Guide who chartered on Lake Ontario until my health forced me to retire.I am former Special education Teachers assistant once fluent in AMerican sign languge but if you do use it you lose it.I will post within the rules but need a community of like minded folks who weren't trying to take advantage of me and my need for cannabis.Peace and One Love  BigD cooler than a mentholated snowball

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you sound like you have your life in order. like to be comfortable, thats my life motto, always be in comfort.

if you cant travel, make your house a joy to be in. why be 'trapped' in a house when you can put all your favorite things in it?

now if only i could figure out how to stick a sauna in my house. hehe



though if i was retired i would go somewhere with a slightly better climate than michigan.

too cold and icy here. plus short season for growing.


dexter/a2 is the nicer part of the state. more compassion and like minded people.

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Bdc- welcome to the site, I'm new to the forum as well, but...like you, I pay homage to the empire.as my roots for 30 years, only months here.....but I would like.to offer you a oppurtunity to pick my brain.....I am a med. Prof. So I understand that, I know about the meds, specifically harm reduction strategies while weaning from narcotics ( many years.with spinal injury/ortho trauma patients)....and did I mention I understand the ny to mi changes! It's a whole different world here, some better, some worse....but I can compare and.contrast based on a ny state of mind ;) I'd love to share what I've discovered, and if you.get out.here it will be nice to know someone who speaks as fast as you lol

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