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Rick Simpson Oil For Neurological Fatal Disorder For Nine-Year-Old


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My grandson has an autosomal recessive genetic failure (meaning it comes from both parents) and he is in horrific pain;The disease is similiar to Parkinson's or Huntington's. It is called NBIA Disorder.
My grandson is 9 years old. He has extreme dystonia, where almost all his waking hours are filled with dystonic spasms that are so violent and painful he is screaming
He takes a huge quantity of medicine (per day: 40 ml of methadone, 45 mg diazepam, 35 mg baclofen, 20 mg artane, 162.5 mg catapresan plus morphine and chloral hydrate as needed for pain)
He recently had a baclofen pump installed into his stomach, that pumps baclofen up his spine to his brain. So far that operation has not helped at all.
My grandson is dying of this disease in the most horrible, painful manner imaginable.Today, after taking 3 x extra chloral hydrate, morphine, and pain reliever plus his regular medicine (see above) - he continued having spasms for 6 hours. The attached video is AFTER all of the medications.I am looking for someone, somewhere in Europe where I could get the prepared Rick Simpson oil that I could trust.  I live in Oklahoma, so my choices are slim to none.  However, if I could locate some of the true verifiable Rick Simpson oil, I would be more than willing to pick it up in the States if it could not be mailed to Oklahoma and then take it over to my daughter.  


Thank you to anyone, anywhere who might be able to help us.  We are truly desperate to give this innocent little boy some relief.  Thank you so much.  

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