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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operator Sentenced

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CADILLAC — The owner of a now-closed marijuana dispensary in Cadillac has been sentenced after pleading guilty to a drug charge.

Christopher Frank Gee, 36, was sentenced to one day in jail, with credit for one day, and was placed on probation for 18 months. Gee also was ordered to pay costs and fees after pleading guilty to one count of aiding and abetting delivery/manufacture of marijuana.

Gee had been the owner of the Twinn Bridges Compassion Club in Haring Township, which closed in 2011 after a Michigan Court of Appeals decision found that medical marijuana dispensaries could be forced to close as a public nuisance.

Gee and his attorney, Jessie L. Williams of Traverse City, successfully had all charges dismissed in March by citing part of the medical marijuana law that voters approved in 2008. Part of the statute allowed a patient and his primary caregiver to assert a medical purpose for using marijuana as a legal defense as long as certain conditions were met.




Michigan Assistant Attorney General Paul Cusick again charged Gee, who in September pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting delivery/manufacture of marijuana.





According to a brief filed by Cusick, Gee facilitated transfer of marijuana to customers.

At issue, Cusick said, was that neither Gee nor his employees were connected in any way to the customers through the state's registration process that was established under the medical marijuana statute.

Two of Gee's employees also took guilty pleas tied to the operation of the dispensary.


One took a plea agreement to no jail time as long as he successfully completes probation. Another employee was sentenced under the 7411 statute which offered no conviction on his record and having his file closed to the public for successfully completing probation.



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nobody should be choosing to spend time in jail for a non violent marijuana offense, not even one day !

Baby steps it is, at least no jail time, probation blows, id have to say as far as despenses go the sentences have been getting much lighter,  whether I agree about the legality of despenses or not they are gettting less penaltys handed down, $$$$$$$$$


Now we need to get it so no pts go to jail or get hassled, c.g's also!  we realy need to remember what the people voted for! and that was so sick people could choose to use mm over other harmful meds and not be judged or convicted of it, same goes for those (c.g"s) who grow for them and obtain mm for them!


It all comes down the all mighty $$$$$ big pharm is gonna take over, were going to have to go get our meds from the same place we got our meds that made us worse than our disablity was!  I dont ever see me going to my home town pharmacy or yours for that matter and getting my mm bawahahahahaha!


All that will do is force more and more who dont have the money to pay off politicians, is to go under ground, and that will be the lowest of the ladder pt's and pt/cg/c.g's Those very people the law was made for! 


Now if obama care pays for it like our present ins co's pay our scripts I may be talked into at least staying in the program! :bong7bp:



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to the bones man, dispensaries would be a moot point, if not for the money to be made selling to more than five patients.  Public enterprising started at that level, and its no surprise that other bigger players want in also .they have more available resources, political pull, and presence, all qualities a lowly dispensary owner would also utilize for the investment returns.

They know the score, they choose their risks, and that's why its only a small percentage of us that become rogue like that, as a calculated risk. Not for me that's for sure. But the day I can legally supply one for money, I'm in !

I wish they would use their returns to defend the law, and not just themselves, but so be it. I still believe nobody should be imprisoned for a non violent drug offense.

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for sure ! imagine now locating the poorest most needy people and never collecting a donation for grow bills, that would be some far out sheets !  I love the look on patients faces when gifts of mj came their way !


And if the proper laws were in place, you could likely 'deduct' your monetary 'loses' on  your taxes for giving free cannabis to those in need.


The possibilities are endless.

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