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Connecticut Receives 42 Applications To Grow And Sell Medical Marijuana


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Connecticut Receives 42 Applications to Grow and Sell Medical Marijuana


Friday marked the last day Connecticut would accept applications from individuals hoping to either grow or sell medical marijuana.  


21 prospective growers and 16 prospective dispensary owners submitted applications, with the majority of those coming on Friday.  Now, the Department of Consumer Protection will begin to review the applications on Monday.


The state Department of Consumer Protection, which is overseeing the state’s medical marijuana program, released the names of the applicants late Friday. Although it included where the applicants are based, it did not include the towns or cities where applicants intend to open dispensaries or production facilities.


According to department spokeswoman Claudette Carveth, “The department intends to award three producer licenses and between three and five dispensary facility licenses by early 2014.  These license awards will be publicly announced.”


Some of the applicants for production licenses have said they’re prepared to begin growing marijuana almost immediately after receiving a license and would have product ready to sell by summer.  Those seeking a production license had to pay a $25,000 application fee, and aspiring dispensary owners had to pay a $1,000 fee



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