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Updated 11 24 2013 Oakland County Sheriff Can Track Citizens And Store Location History By Mobile Phone Wifi

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Free wifi for Oakland county they said!!  Nothing is free.  Sometimes the cost is hard to foresee.    History shows that criminals in the streets are fare less harmful than those criminals who lord over you.


i do agree  but most phones today all have some kind of tracking on them i don't think the Government is giving people free phones if your on some kind on assistance    just because

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Motorola Oakland County CLEMIS MOTOMESH Documents; How to Track Mobile Phones:

TRACKING FEATURE:  "The Tracking feature is very helpful in networks with greater than ten nodes-(Mobile Phone WIFI MAC Address) or in a highly dynamic network. Tracking allows a user-designated node to visually stand out from other nodes by associating a user selectable color to the node as shown in figure below."


TRACE FILES:  "Trace files are logs of MeshView sessions where the updates have been recorded over time. The user can use the various playback options to manipulate the trace. All of these options are available either from the Play Tool Bar or from the Play menu."


PLAYING A TRACE ON A MAP GRID:  "Playing a trace will show the updates one after another, starting at the current position in the trace. The playback will continue until Pause or Stop is selected, or until there are no more trace entries to display."

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