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Farmer's Market/dispensary Pain

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Thanks for asking this Question has been asked many time on here and sometime gets heated 


But to me  the dispensary helped back in 2009 when they first opened  up we had more people getting cards everybody had cards because they could get the card and go buy Meds and


some would sell there Cannabis to there friends just like it was before the Law back then people could buy 1/4 LB  and sell 3 oz and get there oz for less  or free 

and again before the Law if you sold Cannabis you knew it made $$ so you could do the things you liked


I knew people that had million dollar grow room that made a lot of money and everyone knows that selling Cannabis can make you money


thats all i can say about it

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Haven't been around long enough to know but probably both hurt and helped.  The ones that are still opened(and some that ceased) were probably in friendly areas and had the blessings of local council.  Some probably opened in defiant areas and helped a bit but were complained about.  The ones shipping stuff all over the country and drawing unneeded attention probably hurt.  I think that things seldom go all one way or the other.


With MJ I tend to blame the politicians, cops, courts and MEDIA and hardcore conservatives(who for some reason are for people taking care of themselves, taking care of their health and keeping the government out of your business, all which seem to lead to allowing mj?) and the power they hold, along with alcohol corporations, rehab interests, prisons and the like.  Without them NONE of this would even be an issue.  Remember, divide and conquer, how much easier to keep it illegal but to divide them up and destroy them with infighting. Personally I won't be satisfied till they back the f off completely. 


After looking at other states, this is a great law, it just doesn't go far enough.  I see dispensaries as the quickest, best and easiest way for a patient to figure out and get what they need.  The more the best growers can supply the better quality control all around.  For me it's all about the patients being able to choose and not be inconvenienced or hindered in getting the right meds.  The difference now, since I have access to 75% indicas is incredible.  I must've had strains that were too much sativa because the relief I get from my meds now is 10 times better than being in a non med state and having to use what you can find.  Just my experience.  Anything short of that is making patients suffer and doesn't work for x% of the people out there. The 5/caregiver thing is great for a lot of people and wouldn't be negatively affected by the addition of dispensaries as far as I know. 

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