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Type Of Mm And Other Questions

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So long story short I have had two major neck surgeries over 2 years. After a 9 month battle with Percocet my doc, who is the greatest doc ever, says you should try MM and gave me the paperwork for it. Check has been cashed by state.

This all being said, I also fight anxiety and have for years. A buddy of mine gave me some of his MJ the type and what not I have no idea about. I've tried it now half dozen times and one puff I'm good, two puffs I'm panicky, neither puff really seems to help with cramps, spasms, nerve pain, numbness, etc.

I know there is a world of MM I don't know about nor is there anyone I know that really truly does, like the people on here. Where do I go? Who can I talk to? I loved Percocet, it kicked the pains donkey, but it became so addictive it was time to get off it.

I need something that won't make me panic, but also chills me out and actually helps out. I don't want to be a zombie or sleep either. More than anything though, I need knowledge and access. How?

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marijuana is different from strain to strain and person to person.


indica is more of a body high, pain relief and sleep

sativa is more of a head high, with uplifting effects and can keep you awake with more thinking. hard to explain.


then there are hybrids of the two, with lots of mixed results.

not all indica's make you sleepy.



theres two websites that may help, you can search by condition.




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You start right here. Verry good tonka. It would appear you are using a strain that has significant sativa influence, which would account for the axiety. A strain with a more pronounced indica profile can offer the relief you seem to be asking for. Count on good people here to recommend strains that accomplish that. There is a wealth of information that google will be glad to help you with. Long and comprehensive, Granny Stormcrow's list is the recognized authority.




Help is on the way.

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if you want to try a strain, theres only a few ways to do it.


1. get a caregiver who has lots of strains

2. visit a dispensary/ farmers market / black market drug dealer in your area


for #2, you can check craigslist or weedmaps.com


if you post your city/county you are in, and post that you are looking for a caregiver, there maybe a cg here who can register with you and offer you a variety of strains.

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In addtion to the good suggestions that were already put here I would also suggest trying high cbd strains. I grow a 14% cbd Cannatonic and an approx 50/50/ cbd /thc ratio. The 14% has a good affect on anxiety  have a patient who has severe epilepsy and also suffers from anxiety as part of her problem. She finds that the 14% (Canatonic $) reduces her anxiety almost completely and that so far she has gone from 6 petite mal seizures a week to none. The jury is still out on grand mals.  Her doctor has taken her off one drug and intends to take her off another. 


The 50 /50 type Cannatonic 1 seems to provide a great effect on physical pain although there is a buzz to it. The Cannatonic 4 does not get you high at all. 


These are rare but are part of the spectrum of cannabis which you might try. Another thing one can do is add regular mmj to the Cannatonic 4 in order to modify it with another effective strain and in an amount that works best for you. Good luck

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my experience, even with long held genetics, are varied experiences with each use, depending on mental/physical health at the time of use.

A Tahoe Og, even from the same seed pack, may even differ from one garden to another.  Trial and error is what we have to work with.


Learn about terpenes, the active ingredients in cannabis. You'll find it's not so much the strain, but it's individual profiles. I've had vast differences in seed packs, purchased form the same breeder, of the same strain. The variables could include the day the plants were pollinated, to the RH of the room that day. Genetics are only part of the make up of our herb, and nurture is the other.


good luck

May I suggest a sampling of as many cup winners as you can. Keep notes about day/time/effects, and you'll find your favs soon. You'll be a fortunate one if a single strain will satisfy your needs. Most of us rely on several, I keep 25 growing full time in my garden, with everyone of them being our favorites.

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These are all great replies and info and I truly do appreciate everyone's feed back. However the question remains large and unanswered. How do I get it?

The only true legal way is grow your own or sign a caregiver.

Also the Dispencery thing they are illegal but your protected under the mmma the ones selling it to you are wrong.

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