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Patient Testimony - Snowdawg Strain Works For Crohns.


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i was watching patients testify before the washington liquor control board meeting.



its in the full hearing video (which is 3+ hours long)


one of the guys said snowdog (maybe snodawg or snowdawg ?)  said it worked wonders for his cramps and crohns.


luckily he also provided the parents of his strain in his testimony:

snowdog - a mix of pre98 bubba kush and chem dawg


hope this helps someone.

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Too bad the Crohns and Colitis Foundation won't share this info.....but if you go to other IBD sites with pts and forums,you will see that it is true. Nicoteine actually relieves ulcerative colitis cramping. They won't say that either. We all know you don't have to smoke cigs as a delivery system for it. Pick yer poison,gents. Thanks for the info.

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thing is every seed in every garden will produce a different profile of terpenes, depending largely on grow room abilities and parameters. That's not to mention the vast personal human "chemotypes" that exist, causing different effects in different people, even at different times in their lives.

I've known a lot of different types of patients and notice that a new user will quickly subscribe to a strain as the very best for them. After some time though, they have a collection of different strains for different pains, just like we all do, when we come to the same conclusions. 


I believe we cg's should be offering all of the landraces and cup winners and more, as many as we can get out there. In 5 years I never keep less than 8 strains around for my use, and then there's the afternoon....

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IBS is the beginning if IBD. Don't waste any time,find a good Gastro Dr. and get a DX. IBS is a key word  Drs use that means "I don't know WHF is wrong with you."

I've never heard that before. I have to get another appt. with my regular doc in a month so I'll ask her. 

You're sure right about the diagnosis. They only get to IBS when everything else checks out ok. It's amazing how something that they literally can't find can make a person so sick. 

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