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Glaucoma And Cannabis


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Anuj Chauhan, Ph.D., who headed the research team, explained that glaucoma is second only to cataracts as the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the world. It affects almost 67 million people.


Eye drops that relieve the abnormal build-up of pressure inside the eye that occurs in glaucoma, are a mainstay treatment.

"The problem is within about two to five minutes of putting drops in the eye, tears carry the drug away and it doesn't reach the targeted tissue," said Chauhan, who is with the University of Florida in Gainesville. "Much of the medicine gets absorbed into the bloodstream, which carries it throughout the body where it could cause side effects. Only about one to five percent of drugs in eye drops actually reach the cornea of the eye."




this was on the radio today. not sure why it was talking about a contact lens from 2010, but maybe some news about it has updated.


updated glaucoma research 5-2013



Cannabinoids and glaucoma


mentions that THC and CBD decreases IOP

(two different chemicals in the same plant can do the same medical benefit! how amazing is that?)


reading scientific papers like this is so horrible when you read what they tried in the past. mixing medications with mineral oil so it would be more liquid. they report mineral oil causes eye irritation. thats why the mineral oil bottle has that warning label on it about not getting any in your eye, geniuses!


researching the Glaucoma medicine Canasol made in jamaica


unfortunately, one of the doctors who worked on creating it passed away last year.



West has received national and international acclaim for his development of the drug Canasol, as a treatment for glaucoma, for which achievement he was awarded the Order of Merit from the Government.


cant find any updated information on canasol.




Throughout his academic career, he was particularly interested in research involving medicinal herbs. This led to the development of the drugs Canasol and Asmasol from marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma and asthma, respectively. His students are all familiar with the inspiration that lead to the development of Canasol. On his return from England, he bought fishing boats and the fishermen on his boats told him that fishing at nights was facilitated by the improved vision from smoking marijuana and so Professor West sought to identify the cause of this observation. For this pioneering work he was awarded the Order of Merit in 1987 from the Government of Jamaica. He was also awarded the Gold Musgrave Medal in 1994 from the Institute of Jamaica for his pioneering work in the development of Canasol.

He was awarded the FAO/United Nations/Jamaica World Food Day "Biodiversity Award" for contribution to Ophthalmic Medicine in Jamaica, The Berger Paint Award for Natural Sciences and The Centenary Medal from the Institute of Jamaica for outstanding contribution to cultural development in Jamaica in the field of Natural Science. He published many academic papers, focussed on research in diabetes, cancer, glaucoma and respiratory function.



sept 2 - 2013 - School of marijuana - Research facility to be established



dec 4 2013 - Jamaica's first medical ganja company launched


MediCanja will undertake pioneering research and product development using the medicinal compounds called the CBDs – the non-psychoactive compounds in ganja.



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Glaucoma is an issue which impacts the eyes of a individual. The optic nerves become damaged over time. This is a problem that once sets in the eyes of a individual result in permanent damage in the vision of the impacted eye. Glaucoma doesn't snatch vision right away; it is a gradual process as a result the name "silent thief of sight" has been related to Glaucoma.

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The much-prevalent glaucoma can be avoided and also taken care of utilizing medical cannabis, which in turn reduces force inside the eyeball and slowed the progression of the sickness, and thus preventing blindness.

I would like to see studies of cannabis users who avoid glaucoma, that would be awesome!

I know people who do reduce their ocular pressure with our herb, but never thought about prevention of the disease.

I suspect I will never contract it! :)

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