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Canasol The Glaucoma Medical Marijuana Eye Drops


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canasol1.jpgAfter ten years of continuous and diligent research, pharmacologist,
Professor Manley West and ophthalmologist, Dr. Albert Lockhart
developed an eye drop, Canasol, specifically to treat the eye disease,
glaucoma. Glaucoma is estimated to affect 3% of the Jamaican population
and causes pain, visual disturbances and even blindness.

The drug was an important breakthrough, because it is derived from ganja,
Cannabis sativa, and was the first eye medication in the Caribbean to be
developed at UWI, Mona for this disease. Canasol has an important benefit
since it does not induce the negative side effects that are associated with
synthetic glaucoma therapies.


Professor West became interested in studying the ganja plant because he
had observed that country folk who used an eye wash made up of ganja in
water, always reported to him that it made them see better. The fishermen
who drank ganja ‘tea’ made the same claim and further claimed that their
vision at night was also better.

Dr. Albert Lockhart noted that his Rastafarian patients who used ganja had
a low incidence of glaucoma. More recently, he discovered that the eye
drop, Canasol, improves the integrity of the optic nerve, the nerve which
causes us to see, thus preventing blindness.

As the researchers further investigated other properties of ganja, they dis-
covered its effectiveness against motion sickness. They developed the drug
Canavert, which specifically stabilizes the part of the brain that controls
motion sickness, thereby inhibiting vomiting and nausea that accompanies
this condition. However, the drug has not yet been prepared in commercial

In the early 1990s, Professor West developed the drug, Asmasol, to treat
asthma, colds and the flu. The doctors now using this drug, report that
they prescribe it for children as well as adults, and that it is effective during
both the early and the late phases of the condition. Asmasol is a derivative
of ganja and is available in pharmacies throughout the Caribbean.

Professor Manley West is an emeritus Professor of Pharmacology in the
Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, Mona and the recipient of the Order of
Merit from the Government of Jamaica and the Gold Musgrave Medal from
the Institute of Jamaica for the development of Canasol. He also received
the Order of Merit from the Government of Canada for cardiovascular research.

Dr. Albert Lockhart received the Order of Merit from the Government of
Jamaica and the Gold Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica for the
development of Canasol.



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from the oregon medical marijuana guide:




In1980, researchers in Jamaica formulated a topical eye drop
made from Cannabis sativa. They named this compound Canasol. It has
been used widely in Jamaica. Canasol is manufactured as a sterile
solution and is dispensed in five milliliter (ml.) bottles for instillation
into the eye. The IOP-lowering effects are similar to pilocarpine in
degree. Canasol appears to work synergistically with pilocarpine,
without the serious side effects. There have been no adverse effects
noted as of 1998. There are no FDA clinical trials ongoing or planned
to evaluate Canasol. As of 2001, this medicine is not available to
patients in the United States.

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i read one article about it that said canasol doesnt contain THC.

then i was reading some place else and it looks like jamaica figured out how to seperate THC and other cannabinoids.

but 'its a proprietary process'.


i'll continue my investigations into this. i am curious what solution they use to get cannabinoids into the eye.

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no. it was a rough holiday season for me, i was so distracted. i had to abandon my research into this subject. sorry.


theres a few posts on the net about homemade cannabis glaucoma eye drops i didnt get to.

a tutorial or two:




articles on canasol mention people in the usa and canada using the drops



interesting article


"Despite claiming the THC came from using cannabis-laden eye drops"



try looking at the ingredient list and patent info of OTC eye drops and copy what they use?


none of this should be taken as medical advice. i'd be extremely careful of what goes into my eyes re solvents and things of that nature. that one study said marijuana helps the other pharma glaucoma medicine, so thats promising as well.

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