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Grow Room Layout Help.


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I used to use just a 400 watt hps to flower and daylight cfls to veg, when i first got my card. And that worked great for my own 12. Having issues with my caregiver has made me want to just handle my own agian. So this time I have bought a 1000 watt hps cooltube. and a 4 bulb 4ft t5 all with 6500ks. I wanted to post a picture of the room I plan on using and have everyone here give me layout ideas i can build walls, add a door. I have a few ideas but we all might be able to come up with something better. thanks in advance. not up to scale but the best a disabled guy can do sorry.

grow room.bmp

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You can totally use Panda film to separate it! It keeps it a little bit more inexpensive. Remember a 1000 in a cool tube is really on enough to cover 7x7 area and thats close too pushin it. I started with and Identical setup and it worked great, I could pull almost 2lbs in a 7x7 with one 1000 and 6 plants.

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my room is 12x30 and separated by a light lock curtain(panda film) for a 12x10 veg and a 12x20 flower room. overkill though, could work with half the space I realize. I do have work surfaces though, areas for cloning, trimming, light deprivation, a 10000k UVa/UVB/UV light tent area, and a quarantine tent also. I use two 1000 watt HPS lights on movers and sometimes an additional 600 watt metal halide stationary in flower, and one 482 watt T5 fixture in the veg room. The curtain allows me to walk between rooms with little hassle, no doors. I love my rooms, just wish I had a 420 chick to tidy up. Those gals rooms are usually spotless, I'm jealous. Mine are separate from my home, and I compare my rooms to an indoor greenhouse.

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