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Using Dehumidifier Water ?


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Anybody experience issues while using their dehumidifier water to feed plants/reservoirs?

I haven't done it yet and worry about things in the water, picked up on the coils and stuff.

Was thinking today its the perfect amount of water daily to be bubbling constantly in a 5 pail with worm tea

for periodic feeding. In the warm months mine drains to the outside, but in winter its collected and dumped weekly.

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I used it for a long time with no ill effects.  The worry is that pure water condensing on new copper coils could build up in the water.  I've found that it doesn't, for the unit I use at least, to the point of toxicity for the plants.  Never tested cu content in the flowers though.  I also reused soil by adding it with fresh at the time so it doesn't seem to be an issue.


I have heard of legoinairres disease and other bacteria possibly being a problem but I think they are in the soils along with other nasties so I wouldn't think that the fungus and bacteria would be a problem either.  No guarantees though.

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