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Npr Wants Fundraising? Then Why Not Ask Them To Report Facts On Marijuana?


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npr always says they need more fundraising, if you listen to their stations, why not ask them to report the facts more clearly every time they do an alcohol, tobacco or marijuana story?


'cvs is removing tobacco products from its shelves, tobacco products kill thousands every year, yet marijuana has zero deaths and is still banned. marijuana is safer than alcohol.'


that would improve their news service thats for sure. maybe some truth on the drug war would increase their pledges?

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That can be a bit annoying, have to admit. Though they do play Music, ya know? Ever been driving around, all alone, when they're not doing the infernal F'n thing... sometimes you here the sweetest sounds...Every once in awhile, 's'not to much, to let em know, U know? somebody is listeneing...

WEMU: my favorite... from todays' roster...


Dont get more Seriusse 'dan 'dis ....   peace  !  poleeese...

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