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It has come to our attention that for more than 10 years The Federal Government has been using “Parallel Investigations” against citizens. There is a very high probability that “Parallel Investigations” have trickled down to local law enforcement, as is the case with most investigative techniques.


"Parallel Investigations" are when law enforcement uses cellular phone taps, tracking technologies for a citizens car or phone to determine if a citizen is involved in illegal activity (Without Warrants). The law enforcement agents then arrange for local law enforcement affect a traffic stop on the target and investigate/ arrest them for whatever was found on the governments eavesdropping equipment. Later, when the Police Officers testify in court, none of the “secret” technologies are revealed to the judge or jury. In the event police are questioned about the investigation, they are instructed to protect and not reveal the originating investigation, but are allowed to reveal the second “Parallel Investigation.”


The Oakland County Sheriff Heroin Bust in August of 2011 fits the profile of this practice (Parallel investigation); Have a patrol officer stop a vehicle, turn the investigation over to the DEA. There should never be secrets in court when citizens or anyone for that matter are arrested by police.  Those newly indicted were Reyes Tapia Nunez, 39, Rachel Bias-Torres, 42, Miguel-Valle-Nunez, 37, Fidel Cortes Mendez, 42, Dwight Jerice Brewer, 38, Jorge Mariscal-Mota, 39, and Branda Lee Flores, 42


Deputy Marc Ferguson tried to do a “Parallel Investigation” and testify dishonestly in court, but some honest Deputies did not want any part of it and blew the whistle. The honesty of the Deputies didn’t do any good though, Sheriff Bouchard and undersheriff Mike McCabe covered up the criminal activity and used an “Internal Investigation” to keep this terrible criminal behavior a secret.


Getting local law enforcement to go along with this seems to be very easy: Find high ranking law enforcement officials who like to pretend to be military generals, like to wear military fatigues, like to drive armored vehicles and accept all of it under grants from the Federal Government. They are made to feel like one of the guys and it seems to affect their judgment.


The Oakland County Sheriff shares our personal information (CLEMIS- 36 million data points of INNOCENT Michigan Citizens) with the Federal Government (without our knowledge), has the Stingray/Hailstorm Spy equipment (courtesy of the Federal Government), and reportedly has the capability to track our cell phones and vehicles without warrants. They make NSA spying as easy as 1 2 3.


Please forward this to everyone who cares about privacy, civil liberties and local law enforcement overreach.


Take Care.


Parallel Investigation Article: https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2014/feb/03/dea-parallel-construction-guides/


69 Kilo Oakland County Sheriff Heroin Bust: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/oakland_county/largest-heroin-bust-ever-in-michigan-discovered-at-home-in-pontiac


Marc Ferguson Criminal Activity and Cover-Up: http://www.theoaklandpress.com/general-news/20130129/oakland-county-officer-fired-for-lying-on-witness-stand-in-drug-case

Thanks for the post 


I do know the story about Mark Ferguson but how many Mark's our there in Oakland County ? many that we don't know of

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this is not going to be an easy nut to crack. according to the NSA's own playbook, it's become the new way things are done.


militarize the local police (brings them on the team, makes them dependent on funds, gains them full access to MOTO, LEIN, etc.)


collect every piece of data possible from every source that can be exploited (cell phone data, GPS, internet, e-mail)


store all data for 15 years (may develop better search tools, may need evidence to develop/tie a case against a new suspect)


share data that isn't NSA worthy with LEO in cases where a "parallel investigation" can be utilized. (MUST be agreed to before info is shared)


and the kicker, NONE of this is considered "surveillance" until an NSA agent physically marks a file as read and acts on the info



and this is just what we know about.....it's GOT to be worse, just look at their toolbox of exploits. they can hack your filmware or BIOS for god's sake

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