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Anyone Know What This Is?


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don't change the date... leaves people guessing :)


seen any webbing?


i see white dot indicative of mites but the clarity isn't quite clear enough..


looks at first like too strong of nutes until i noticed the white speckles...


center of the little leaf at the bottom too..


any experience with spider mites?  do you know what to look for?


pick off a leaf thats got the white dots... move it to a desk and look closely at the bottom side with strong light.. if you see the speckled dark spots.. get a magnifying glass and look for the dreaded Borg...


could very well be dust on the leaves also... i can't quite tell in that picture bud.. and if thats the case my immediate thoughts are over fed... for the size root ball..

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I wish I could turn it down a little. I've been testing some organic soil that a guy gave me, as I grow in Promix and use GH nutes. I found out that it was way too hot (after almost ruining a THC Bomb and Trainwreck) so for this one I added plain Promix and cut the strength of the organic soil by 25%. Looks like it's still too hot. Maybe I'll try one more time and cut it even more. Or not. 

Given the extent of the burn, would it be a good idea to transplant this into plain Promix, or just let her go as is?

Thanks for the help on this!

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Organic soil test, with non organic basal salt fertilizers?  The benefits of the organic experience will be negated using non organic basal salt fertilizers. Great results, and no burn happen with organic soil, and organic feed. I've used promix, gravel, wood chips and lava rocks and even sand with gh, and the results were always the same, and fine.

Mite eradication would be my priority in your garden, they don't need much sleep, and they fuggs like rabbits.

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