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Velcro Or Zipper


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I have tents, you have to get inside of them and tape every seam with heating duct tape, and I put a piece of the black on one side and white on the other in front of my doors, tents are not light tite, but can be made that way, i dont put them in closets, I have a room for them and the room now is all with the white side showing on the walls and ceiling and in between veg and budd, and now it is light tite, oh and I painted my floor white also, I actualy will have my rooms so tight I realy wont even need the tents soon! but im realy not in any hurry to get rid of the tents, at least my budd tent, I could do w/o the veg tent and leave the light on 24/7 and my budd tent will not get any light from that, plus in the winter it will help keep the whole area warmer running veg lights 24 hrs!



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