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Less Is. More Maybe.

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Oh no I cant do the 1 1/2 one, I realy had a hard time understanding this guy, Maybe he just got done medicating like me,  I realy thought the 1st vid was so not understandable to consider it funny, I was looking forward to the next one till I seen how long it was,


Good find?!?   :fpc:



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I posted this with reason. I believe that there might be an alarming trend within the community to discount all that may appear to be negative, and readily accept all that is positive. Neither of which appear to be given much critical thought. On top of that there appears to be a trend to accept one's own personal reality as the absolute truth, to the point of flat out rejecting any and all information that might challenge it. Maybe more openness and less certainty could be beneficial. Maybe I'm just a cosmic schmuck.


The first one does seem a bit too 'tripped out' for my taste. The second seems like a much better portrayal of his thoughts, to me. It might be worth a watch. 

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I've lived it. I get it. I moved here to sleep better, little did I know.


I had never heard of the ECS up until around a year ago. I have no earthly business knowing anything about this, and I don't, but I'm fairly certain that I know more than any physician I've spoken to about it. I think to myself that if I can try to decipher the relevance of current science as they relate to current applications, others are certain to be able to as well, and even more so. Just like how the grow forums have grow threads, we can have treatment threads, collecting and sharing as much info as possible, building our body of knowledge. But we need to remove some of the unknown variables in order to do so, and there's a backlash to that concept.  


Here's what I feel is happening:


People are frustrated, many of their lives have been dramatically impacted by "the government". They remember DARE and Nancy Reagan. Friends, family, and their own past. All the while smoking, quoting studies, or talking points to show hypocrisy. Then Dennis Peron wrote 215 and there was a glimmer of hope. More studies were cited, most in regards to a slim range of treatments. Meanwhile, this might as well be Amsterdam, cause "my government" aint gonna have it. fast forward through more of this to getting mmj. Having learned more positive studies, met more success stories, have your own, and still "the government" continues to persecute those that seek or provide cannabis related treatment options. The struggle endured throughout these years is easy to become cynical about. To get angry. To pay attention to the random sheriff and the lowest common denominator. I see this strategy as non-progressive. I see the alternative as educating the general public and those in the medical profession about the ECS and the vital role it plays in health and disease. I think as we point out how fundamental the ECS is, and that cannabinoids are not restricted to cannabis, that legalization for personal use in inevitable. I mean, it's inevitable as is. There's no stopping this train. But, how long will it take? Does denial, distrust, and bitterness get us there faster? 


Given the crucial role that the ECS plays in the body, and the major impact that cannabinoids have on the ECS, it might not be to unrealistic to imagine that compounds that have a major won't be beneficial for everyone, all the time. That doesn't make them any less valuable. It makes knowing about the ECS more valuable, imo.         

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