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Controlled Substance Contract

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I have been taking 2 xanax .025 a day prescribed by my primary care physician for about 10 years.Recently she sold her practice to mclaren health,but she still works there.
When i called for a refill recently i was told by the nurse that at my next visit i would need to have lab work done and sign a controlled substance contract.I'm sure they will be testing for all drugs in my system and they don't know i use cannabis nor do i want them to.
I got my cert from a cannabis doctor with records from another doctor i see because i know most medical doctors look at you like you're a criminal when you bring up cannabis
I am sure that its mclaren and not my doctor that wants this done.I think this is invasive and don't want it to say on my medical records that i use what they call street drugs.
I have decided to stop using the xanax rather than submit to this.How should i politely decline this without making it look like i am hiding something. thx

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tell them if they want to know whats in your urine they can just ask you to your face like a real making whoopee human being.


ok that may backfire :)


just keep telling them you dont have to pee at the moment and you dont have time to wait around?


well thats what all the junkies do..


you really dont have much choice here. either you take the urine test or they write 'would not take urine test' in your chart which is doctor code for 'this guy does the drugs'.


best bet is to just drop it like its hot and find a new dr so nothing about that ends up in your chart.


a good cert doc will write a script for xanax. you ask your cert doc for a script?

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