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Hello All, Newbie Here.

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Hello to all. Just joined today, and hope to make some new friends here, and share my knowledge. I have been a legal card holder from the very beginning of Michigan's legal medical cannabis program. I have chronic pain associated with degenerative disk disease of the spine, Glaucoma, and fibromyalgia. I am happy to say, that since using Cannabis on a daily basis, i no longer take either pain, or nerve medications. I have other medical issues, and the use or Cannabis relieves those as well. As i said, i hope to make friends here, and share my knowledge of this most amazing plant! I have many years of experience growing Cannabis, so much so,i go back to the old days when we had to sneak around getting supplies, and saying "i'm growing tomatoes with this stuff", and all we had were T12 40 watt shop lights! (With crappy light spectrums) lol. A far stretch from what we are offered in todays world. Most people that know me will say that i am a very outspoken person, and one who fights for the little guy. This is true, and i hope that i can be used as an activist on this site to further our medical cannabis agenda. Including fighting the tyranny from so called "law enforcement". I am also an accomplished breeder of fine Cannabis, producing both cloned cuttings, and both regular, and feminized seed, and am more than happy to help my fellow patients with said products freely, as well as any growing advice. :-) best regards: Holographic World

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