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3 "fingered" Leaves?


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My 7 week  clones are looking  pretty good  expect  that most of the leaves have only 3 lobes instead of the usual 5 or 7.  They were rooted in an ez cloner and then placed in hyroton  in a recirculating drip system under 18/ 6 lights.   I have  used this set up for a couple of years - this is the first time I've seen this.    The plants that I took the clones from  have normal leaves.


Stress of some kind?    


Just to review / confirm --  what reservoir temp is ideal? room temp? proper pH range for vegging in hydro.


Thanks for always being there with answers!!

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From seed you start out with 1 leaf, then it progresses to 3, 5, 7, and so on.  From clones or reveging a favorite plant after flowering, the same rules apply, first 1, then progressing as in a seed plant.  No worries, they just need more time in veg.  I currently have a Chocolate Dream that was started from a clone 8 weeks ago and it is just now showing 3 leaves.


Good luck!

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