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Gates/fences Offer Legal Protections?


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Well, for starters, any sort of LEO would be intercepted at said front gate as opposed to the very front portal to ones' dwelling in the event of their appearance. I would consider that a plus =)


I have my outside plant fenced in with a rather large fence (15ft, 13ft high, 2ft buried), it's really only a chainlink with a couple of layers of bug netting and a more opaque top to prevent sight from above. It remains locked at all times.


Fencing the entire property in my case would cost a great deal I'd imagine, living on 28 acres and all. 


Though I guess I never really thought about a front fence, or even putting a fence around the house for that matter...


-So many babble edits, my bad lol-

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This is from State By State Guide to No Trespassing Laws & Signage.




Similar to Massachusetts, Michigan lays out trespassing violations in various sections of their law. The one most pertinent to private property is found in Section 750.552.  This section states that a person can not enter or remain without lawful authority to do so or after being notified to depart. No specific language for signage is noted in this section. Guilty parties are charged with a misdemeanor and may face fines and or incarceration.

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