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Powers Is Out

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I hate to say this but any one with a grow needs to include a generator in their eqpuipment to grow!


Im lucky I have a travel trailer and I already had a generator and it does run my room and more, Im saving change to get one that will run my whole house automatic when we get a power failure, it happens way to often, and If I am not home I cant hook mine up and get it running,


I purchased a 3500 honda it is quiter than a window a.c, I paid 1900 for it, You can get 5000 wats or more from home depot and they only run like 500 bucks or less, I could have gotten 4 for the price I paid for one, and probably would have if I didnt buy it for my camper, mine is so quiet I can chain it up to my toung which is where my bedroom is and can hardly hear it, I can get away with running it in most places that dont allow them after 11pm, I totaly recomend going to home depot and getting a more powerful one than what I have for a grow, maybe even 2 of them!


I will have one that will run my whole home and come on automaticly when we have a power failure, but for now I at least have one that will run my room, I have 2 600 watt lites one for veg one for budd, I have a 4 bulb 4ft t5 and a 2 bulb 2ft t5 for clones and just and aid for lower branches, I have quite a few inline fans 4" and 6" and one 6" 424 cfm's that controls my little room well, I also have a dehumidifier and a window a/c, I run all of that and my router and t.v lol!


Im sorry for you all who dont have generators, this is a bad yr and not a normal yr for most, shoot I had a tornado a mile from my house this summer and it shut our power down!


when you start to think about putting a grow room together make a generator part of the necissity's of growing just like lights and fans!



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So my power is out, flower light turns on in 90min veg is supposed to be on till 6am the lights have been flickering for a good part of the day. Also have clones in the cloner and they are not getting sprayed. Do I need to worry about anything?

why worry?  you intended to get hermies and have succeeded!!!!!!!!!!!   Hooray.  seeded bud is better meds--its higher in cannabiniods.

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pic book is just mad he threw away a lifetimes supply of seeds.


When the power  goes out, you should unplug all of your ballests and timers.

You do not want lights flickering.

It wont hurt the plants go be in the dark 24-48 hours.

bunny muffin happens. but one thing that doesn't happen is the sun doesn't flicker on then off then on then off, etc.. you get my point.

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