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Need Clones Or Teen Plants


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Have you ever thought about setting up a small quarantine area underneath a small light?

You could hit him with insecticide and fungicide and let them grow out and then clone em'.

then you have everything you need back in the stable

It's just an idea now you would have your same genetics

Also if I was going to do that I would make sure to get cuttings and not clones.

get your own medium root them yourself that way you know you have no soilborne pests

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I don't accept strangers but I have certainly gifted many to patients. I insist on a cutting only, and I take the cutting the day before its due for gifting. I rinse with ice water,  then fill the sealed bag with c02, refrigerate overnite before delivering it. It'd kill me to be blamed for a garden infestation. you could do the same before dipping/planting. My cuttings stay fresh for weeks in the fridge, if I burp the bag a couple times.

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