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Holy Water

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After distilling marijuana and capturing all of the water soluble hydrosols I knew I was missing out on the full terpene profiles I worked so hard in producing in the garden, when I dried and smoked it, or dried and extracted from it.  I've even steam distilled the hydrosols first, dried the cannabis, extracted the oils, then re infused the two in my attempts. I've used many different gases and solvents up and down the polarity scale trying to capture the whole tamale.  Some attempts were better than others. some led me to using terpenes actually found in cannabis to facilitate the extraction, as my solvent. this is a whole 'nother thread though, and will be the next best thing I think. some commercial cannabis  extract manufacturers are slowly looking into this.


The answer came with a living extraction. I've done this with whole plants immediately after harvest, then a 1,2,3,4,5 days and more in my drying room. The immediate one was not very productive due to its water content. this cold certainly be controlled somewhat by restricting watering in the days before harvesting, but I didn't do that with these trials. Each was watered 24 hours before harvest. the day two gave me arguably the highest terpenoid presence I've ever smelled/tasted. An immediate dab was powerful and potent, though maybe not good for the "fully decarb crowd" needing more of the lethargic effects. One day in a sealed clear jar exposed to UV light was enough to set it off as the absolute best extraction I've ever sampled. I suspect more time, exposure, handling and maybe gentle heat even could bring the mix to any desired decarboxylation. All except fan leaves, roots, and main stalk was used, nbutane, tami, a long time ago when it was expectedly acceptable to do so.


It was a thinner, redder oil that made making amber glass easy fast. If plants ever need to be destroyed, this is the way!

Knowing that after 75% of the water weight needs to evaporated for a good dry, an overage situation can be quickly ascertained

by weighing the fresh harvest  and subtracting 75% of the weight for your final tally. Anymore than allowed can be quickly "destroyed"

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you know that is not me, right? I've provided tutelage in the area to groups of people in the past and present. its not legal for me to have your plants to process, and then transfer the results back to you. Too many gray areas for me to play. But the science is old and new at the same time, solid and worthwhile too. Yet another age old cannabis miracle. Balsy dude there, but I wish them good fortune!

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