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Gneral Hydroponics Flora Series In Advance Sunshine Coco


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light stress? I was making a joke about a boy plant in the mix. looks and sounds stellar to me. I bet its stinking good now.

Aww, and he already snipped it!!!  ;)  I was wondering how your eyesite was so good.


pics form week the end of week 6

See what he wrote there GM?  Looks like this is a common problem that maybe we all get form smoking too much weed.  :blush:

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I did see it, like in a trained laser site. I didn't comment because op might have thought I was already picking on him, and I definitely was not. I only joked of a fictitious boy in the mix. I love the look of a well maintained garden. It makes me jealous. I need some 420 chick broom service around here. if the police came I'd be embarrassed when you all saw the photos! hehe



I have to say, though no defense or excuse, that the best samples I've been privy to

came not from the brightly lit lab style grow rooms but from those old timer dirty overalls n the messy greenhouse

spare parts everywhere, outside junkyard types. not sure what that says, but one thing is for sure, I always knew which

one visited the grow store more often.....

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