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Treating Anxiety


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The presumption may be rebutted by evidence that conduct related to marihuana was not for the purpose of alleviating the qualifying patient's debilitating medical condition or symptoms associated with the debilitating medical condition, in accordance with this act.



So, according to this I can treat someone's anxiety if they have IBS or some other condition in which anxiety is part of the condition.  Wouldn't anxiety be associated with a great many conditions and not be needed to be listed as a symptom.  Considering anxiety may be a side effect of taking THC in the first place, is it a covered in treating a patients condition.  Could anxiety be considered a cover-all in treatable symptoms as long as there is a qualifying condition?


I ask because I have people ask to treat for pain and anxiety or cancer and anxiety, etc.  and I'm wondering if it could cause problems if called to stand in emails or my personal notes.



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imo you would be in trouble norby.


the problem is that we, all, collectively read in more protections than exist in our law.

at least our law currently as the police, prosecutors and judges read into it.


say _____ strain treats cancer/pain/aids.

then say ____ strain works for cancer and anxiety as a side effect.

i think if you make sure all of your butt is covered by sticking to the qualifying conditions in your notes, emails, etc... then you will be safer.


so (strain name) for pain AND anxiety.

or (strain name) is good for pain but causes anxiety.


if i'm understanding your question properly.

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Just figured I'd throw that out there. Not too worried just getting people's take on it.  As for what a judge would think it's probably more decided by district as I'm sure some wouldn't care one bit and others would look for any way possible to screw you.  Personally I think you'd be within the law treating other problems because they could probably be linked to symptoms associated to the debilitating condition, again, depending on the judge.


I'd argue that "treating" anxiety is not what is going on, it's taking it into consideration with the choice of meds used.  Not treating just using strains that won't exacerbate it. and if they find relief from it then it's a side effect.  The only problem comes in with supplying something like canna#4 to mix in to combat anxiety.  If it's a hi THC and CBD strain, you can't separate it but if you give someone canna#4 to keep from getting anxious I could see a judge not understanding and throwing the book at you, but probably a long shot(hopefully).

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i agree. i think some patients have been convicted based on their own testimony.

at least there was one perjury case i remember getting reported.


so if you do keep notes, its important to make sure those notes are collaborated with your patients.


i think its a bit tricky. you see the CoA wants caregivers to know what their patients dr names and ailments and how much they use... thats a lot of work. but i'm sure if the guy had notes for all of that, the CoA would bust him with some small detail in his notes.


kind of screwed if you do

and screwed if you dont situation.


i can just imagine the court saying 'so you KNEW he used 2oz per week! no one patient uses 2oz per week! you were complicit in his illicit use!'

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no notes here. I review medical rec, announce a menu weekly, make deliveries. Some strains loved more than others, makes no difference to me the scientific reasons why really. I lack the clinical experience and medical knowledge to arrive at anything more than anecdotal findings and the favorite strains in our garden of a few people I met on the internet over the years. I've seen people love an unnamed bud from a plant on a Monday and despise another from the same plant on Thursday. there's no way I could begin to deduce anything with authority except that quality grown medical marijuana has always been helpful to every one I have ever met in the program, and that they are historically disappointed in past supplier experiences. 2c

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