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I'm Back After Over A Year.

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I'm also back after having to spend five years in Louisiana due to my work. What a relief to be legal again. I am a patient and am looking to grow my own medicine this time. But I'm very new at the growing end of things and I'm looking for someone who might be willing to give me some guidance and direction. I'm in the Warren area.

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great to se so many returning. You come to the right place.


We need all Hands on deck for 2016, registered to Vote and encouraging others to do so as well.


We have the momentum of a 100,000 car coal train. The repubs will try to distract us but if we close ranks and hold fast they will be soundly defeated


Long Live the Home Grow

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I haven't been around MMM for a long while. Hope to connect with folks soon.


The chat room here is a good place to meet folks, even tho no many folks frequent chat. Back in 2013 I kept chat open for hours on end. I used to like chatting and helping out newbies!


Maybe I'll see you in chat!

Chat moderator!  Who did you pee pee off? bawahahahahahaha!



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