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My Timer Malfunctioned & My Light Stayed On In My Flowering Room


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I Had a timer go bad and left a light on (for how long have no idea). My lights are off while i'm at work, so didn't notice that I had a light on durning the off hours. I think the plants went back into veg. My question is will these plants come back out of this or should I just destroy them and put new ones in?

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do NOT trash the plants


they will begin flowering again as soon as you correct the timer issue.


watch for nanners.


when a plant is stressed out it may throw nanners (hermaphrodite tenancies could occur and the plant may try to produce its own seeds to save itself)


nanners if your not aware are yellow pistols and contain pollen which would upon release make your entire grow gain seeds. (non sensamalia)


if you correct the timer issue your plants will begin blooming again and should flower without to much trouble depending on how far along they are and what strain they are.


good luck and welcome to the forums.

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The timer worked fine for months and when I noticed light on in middle of cycle I first checked timer. The time must of reset itself cause time wasn't right. Now I got plants that should of been ready 2 weeks ago looking like they only been in flowering for 3 weeks. got me bummed out

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