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Bomb Seeds, Thc Bomb, Widow Bomb, And Cherry Bomb

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Just curious if anyone has tried them, I have clones of each and a medium sized THC Bomb ready for flower.  Can't wait to try them, so far the cherry is staying super super short, the widow is medium, nice and full, and the THC bumb was super full and bushy, till I clipped it for clones.


I have a few rooted THC Bombs if anyone was interested.

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CG with 4 patients here, so no worries.  I have 17 clones going atm, and a handful of other plants.

20150531 202711


Back left are the 4 THC Bomb, then I have 5 Widow Bomb, 5 Dutch Passion Blueberry, 1 Cherry Bomb, and 1 Rare Darkness.

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THC Bomb 2 weeks into DWC buckets if anyone is interested in how they look.  Up to 1400ppm food wise, and just turned the co2 on.  I have one in Coco that just went into flower today, the big bushy one in the 2nd picture.


Not sure if my Cherry bomb clone is going to make it, may have clipped it to early.  Widow bomb rooted all 5 in a weeks time, I'll be doing those in buckets tomorrow.



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I had.... Might still have a thc bomb, mine was tall with hard funky\fruity nuggets good producer was definitely notable smoke, stronger stuff. Mine was always a champ to grow I never pushed 1400 ppm but would peak around 1200. The one I have now is all organic and pretty much exactly the same, only smellier than her hydro sisters.

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