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Well i have ran into a problem. My 2 1000 watt lights are pulling to much power. I was wondering if anyone has exp. Upgrading the wiring in my detached garage. Currently there is a (what looks like) subpanel out there rated for 30 amps it has the old twist fuses in there. How much would it cost to have someone come upgrade the wires to install a bigger box out there?

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Depends on lots of things. How large of a panel box in home for one.


Are you blowing fuses in garage? Or fuses of breaker in home?


Sure their are electricians on this site.


Good luck.

200 amp panel in the house. But have base bored heating in my house.

No i don't blow fuses but if i run just 1 1000 watt i can feel the plug get a little warm so i have to turn the light down to 600 an it dont get the slightest bit warm. The ballast pulls like 8.9 amps im assuming thats at full power and the 1000 watt dont pull that because i can turn it up past 1000 watt to super lumen.

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Yes there is a sub panel out there it says 220 on the panel if im not mistaken ill check when im home

Heres what you need to do get some heavy gauge wire and if there are open slots on the sub panel add a  dedicated 30 amp breaker to the 220 plugs  my wiring in an exposed wall was hot so my buddy did the upgrade  added the two plugs and no issues since that was 4 years ago.

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Just let him know that the garage panel is old time  roll fuses and you need  breakers installed with a higher gauge wire to prevent overheating  but with 2-220 plugs for your ballasts im sure you wont have any issues moving from 110 to 220 takes a ton of amps out of the equation.

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