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High Temp Shut Off


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Im looking at buying one of these to put on the second trigger cord for my controller, just as an added safety mechanism. Im currently not air cooling any lights and dont have the lens in them. Temps have been hovering around 82-84 at canopy, which is right where i want it, but in the event something happens,ac wonks out or something, id like to prevent it from peaking over 90. Can anyone reccomend a decent one? I was thinking about this http://eastwesthydro.com/grow-light-controllers/titan-controls-hades-3-lighting-timer-with-high-temp-shut-off-702621?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=product-feed&gclid=Cj0KEQjw6O-9BRDjhYXH2bOb8Z4BEiQAWRduk0vNPbGfBrn-aASkvrwAuY7cVKzXmqwRM4IjvGrtdZQaAotT8P8HAQ


Ill buy it from a local shop tho.

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I've stuck with CAP stuff so far no failures.

I used to think about those shut offs too. Also no lens, no air cooling lights here either, and I have had an ac unit fail. My temps are about the same as yours but when the ac failed I peaked at over 102f. My plants cared not. I've seen 130 spike in my greenhouse too, no matter to the plants.


My first fail was with air cooled lights, no c02, and a wonky ac unit died. My temps indoors reached 100 that day and every flowering plant was sagging within a few hours.


I believe the plants will grow to their weakest resource. when it heats up metabolism is increased, and with no "air" to breathe they suffer. they need c02, lots of it, and use more when its hot of course. 


I have an emergency exhaust set at 100f, never cycled since my last ac fail. If you have internet access you can get a text at high temp or even real time temp readings with your smart phone/thermostat for thought.



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I dislike cap, every cap product i bought didnt last long or had some manufacturer defect. I generally buy hydrofarm or titan controls now. I am running co2, or i would have my temps a bit lower. Thought about setting up an exhaust for high temps, but dont want to go through the trouble of cutting my walls or modifying the last basement window that can be opened lol. I will probably grab that one in the link, plug it in and be done lol


Side note, i am in love with titan controls, they look nice,and most things are made of metal.


I need to get some boards to mount my ballasts and stuff too, as it is now, i have ballasts, cords and wires mounted to the raftters using those metal clamps for wire, would really like to clean it up a bit. Maybe get some 1in conduit to run everything to my future boards.

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my first controller was a Titan, for the sleek looks, failed miserably. then built a new room and populated it with all cap products even the co2 burner. No fails 5+ yrs.

I think the garage builders of these things might not have very tight quality controls aboard. I hear this kind of stuff all over the place, you love it, I dont, he thinks its the best, we cant get it to work stuff... 


Reminds me of getting straight smoke or grow reports.  It stretches, it doesnt yield, its the best,  it doesnt have effects, its too strong, makes me dizzy, or paranoid, but then we find none of it is true, till we meet another saying the same.



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