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Need a new Doc

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Anyone know a doc that will give me a recommendation for a card in the Highland / Milford /White Lake / Hartland area?  The doc I have been seeing for almost 10 years has abruptly closed his practice with no notification whatsoever. Someone like me whose situation will only get worse NOT better shouldn't have to go through this BS every two years. There should be a way we could just pay and not have a doctor verify the absolute obvious.

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FYI.....I went to MMJ Certifications in Wixom( they have 3 locations Grand Rapids ,Wixom and Rochester Hills) back in the end of August for certification. I was nervous seeing a new doctor because ever since I joined the program (October 8, 2010) I was certified by one doctor but health reasons forced him to close his practice. The Wixom office is in a nice building  and MMJ Certifications office  was also very nice. I didn't want to say anything until I got my new card just in case MMJ Certifications was not legit. The only thing is I paid $75 not the $70 advertised which to me was very minor because $75 still seemed like a good price. Based on how everything went there for me personally  I can recommend MMJ Certifications.  Check and forms mailed 11-1-17.....check cashed 11-7-17.......received new card 11-29-17 that is good until 1-1-20. Just thought I would put this out there in case someone else needs help finding a certification doc....http://www.grmaryj.com/. Have a great day everyone.

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