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Wild Bill

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I've been noticing that the topics here are a little more encouraging than they were a couple of years ago. I'm seeing more "caregiver looking for patient", "patient looking for caregiver" etc. than we used to have.

I'm also noticing fewer posts about "legal and arrested", "assets forfeited" and "child taken from home".

Things are looking up!

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Regarding child taken from home - I'm doing a paper for school and found a couple of things at the mm website.  #1 was an application for folks under 18 to get a mm card, which lead me to be concerned about what you referenced above, "children taken from home".  I was wondering what the legal ramifications were if a parent signed for their child to get an mm card.  

A couple of things to note, first on the site there was this bulletin dated Thursday, 10/12/2017, talking about the upcoming licensing process in December:



the application for a minor child:


But there was also a form for folks to give permission to disclose to a third party that they have a mm card...who would need this?  Isn't that a violation of HIPAA?    Here's the link to the form: 



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the "child taken from home" refers to a regular child who has a parent that is a medical marijuana patient.

what has happened in the past, is that theres custody battles, one parent tries to make the medical marijuana an issue, and then they have to do battle in the family courts. the mmma protects custody issues however. you should read the entire law , its only 10 pages and pretty easy to read.



the other thing that happens is one man's wife was having a breakdown, so he called for an ambulance. the ambulance shows up with a sheriff, which is standard operating procedure. the officer spots some marijuana and makes it an issue where there isnt an issue. then cps is involved and lawyers are called.


while 63% of voters approved the MMMA in 2008, and 80-90% support medical marijuana in polls nationwide, the law enforcement side has been fighting it and patients and caregivers in every court in the state.


yes, people under 18 can get medical marijuana cards. it requires 2 doctors to sign off. at last count there were...

in 07/11/2015 there were 197 registered minor (under 18) patients [5]

i keep track of the statistics here , although i havent updated it in a while.


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