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Editorials FOR marijuana legalization in michigan 2017+


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you know the drill.





If Michigan had a ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, would you vote yes or no, and why?

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I am in favor because there is a severe lack of evidence to support why it shouldn’t be legal, as well as misinformation that has been spread to poorly inform the average person about the issues surrounding this topic.

Josh Reed



Yes, I would vote for it. It’s just a matter of time before it’s legalized nationwide. The country will make more money by taxing it than it is by trying to fight it.

John Honeycutt


I feel like it should be legal because if it’s illegal, people will find it no matter what. I feel like crime would drop if it wasn’t illegal to obtain.

Chris Szilagyi


Allen Park

Yes, because it will positively increase revenue to the state and help our crumbling infrastructure (and) hopefully enable us to stop closing schools and give kids the education they deserve.

Erin Michalski


interesting comment on the article from a reader and then a response from the writer.

ProActivist  5 hours ago

I would suggest the Writer skewed the narrative with responses from youth between 18 and 35, which would include the writer himself.

Why would the analysis not include the data rolling in from Colorado. Yes, the revenue is being taxed, but even that is hitting a bump in the road with appropriating the dollars in the future differently than was originally stated.

It's now been reported, that in 2016 Marijuana related Traffic Deaths more than doubled, resulting in 1 death every 3 days and now account for 20% of all traffic deaths. It was also reported that Colorado youth now rank #1 in the nation for use, or 55% higher than the National Average.

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      Matt Thompson  ProActivist  2 hours ago

      First and foremost, the News-Herald welcomes opposing viewpoints to any opinion piece. Please feel free to submit an article to the editor, with proper citations to the studies you mention.

      Now, as "the writer" of this particular piece, sadly I no longer fall in the 18-35 age group. I guess I could take it as a compliment that you think I'm so young! Also, John Honeycutt, one of the four presented here, most definitely doesn't fall in this group. The other three do.

      When I do these Speak Now pieces, I try to pick a variety of residents to speak with, but in the end it comes down to who will speak with me and who won't. As you can imagine, this is a controversial topic, and many people above the 18-35 age group will not go on record with their personal feelings, paired with their name and a photo, just as you choose to only post anonymously, without a name and photo.

      For this particular piece, I spoke with 15 downriver residents, 7 males and 8 females, from various age groups.

      The four presented here, are the only four that would go on record. All of the 15 had very long winded opinions on the matter, but only four would give their name and consent to a photo.

      I can tell you that, of the 15 I spoke with, only one felt it should still be illegal, but didn't have any evidence to support her feelings.

      Of the 14 that support legalization, many also cited case studies to support their opinions.

      In the end, this is a piece about their opinions, not mine, which is why I'm not actually "the writer" of this piece, I only ask a question and then document responses. It was in no way swayed towards one side or the other.

      Again, if you would like to submit a rebuttal to this piece with your own opinion, please submit an article, along with your real name and photo to the editor, and I will look forward to reading it!





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    Why is it that our side (legalization) always cites facts and studies while the other side relies on "I heard it" or "people are saying" when they try to rationalize prohibition? They must not realize that they come across as an uninformed,  ignorant citizen when they spew their bullschitt. But... then again, they are following the example of their hero in the White House.

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    haha amish i was thinking the same thing. prohibitionists got lazy, most still rely on name calling. cannabis is "dope" so its bad etc. prohibitionists never really had any legs to stand on.

    so they lie. marijuana user is an axe murderer! etc.

    man ate edible then murdered his wife!

    or they design poor studies like strapping masks to chimps and pumping 100% smoke until the test animals die. thus proving that mj smoke kills braincells and just plain kills. ok then.

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