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It has come to my attention that several people I know have Listeria from Michigan recalled apples. 

People who don't watch the news could be affected. 

The ones that the people I know ate were bought at Meijer and they are Apple Ridge; Gala, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious, Fuji.

I thought folks paid attention to the news but apparently many missed the recall announcement.

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1 hour ago, zeebudz said:

Thanks for the PSA.

Folks should also note that the recall applies only to sliced apple products, not whole apples.


Absolutely wrong.

Whole apples!

And some sliced apples in trays.

Meijer and Kroger, probably more places.


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Oh wow! I did a Meijer recall search and all that came up was for sliced apples. Thanks for the clarification!

Update: I just went downstairs where my wife was eating a Fuji apple from Meijer! She had heard about the recall and didn't see anything on the 3lb bag, but it was from Riveridge. Think we're ok but will check it out further. So thanks again!

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