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Money Order Still Not Cashed...

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Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong area but I’m a bit worried... LARA received my application and money order on Feb. 17, and it still hasn’t been cashed as of today (the 24th.) Is this unusual? Everything I’ve read says they want to cash it ASAP and usually do within 2-4 days of receiving. Anyone know what’s up? Thanks! 

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I'm sure presidents day slowed down banking. Cashing the check is just banking. Doesn't matter and people put too much stress on the check or money order being cashed. 

You can prove they received your application so relax.

This might make you feel better; They cash the check or money order whether they approve you or not so the payment doesn't reflect what's going on with your application at all.

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I received my cert on December 5th, received my card January 11th.

I had holidays in there, so that delayed it.  You had a holiday, too, plus they've moved, so that may delay, too.

I know how you're feeling. Hoping to be THAT GUY who got his card earlier than most. :P

Don't stress.  Gven time and patience, it will come🤙

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