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GG #4 in 10th week - still no amber trichs


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These GG4s are taking forever!  They are now well into their 10th week of flowering, but I keep checking the trichs with my loupe and basically none are amber. Some are definitely cloudy and some still seem to be somewhat clear.

The buds look absolutely amazing. Using scrog with dwc.  I started flushing them a few weeks ago, anticipating they would be ready, but it seems to be taking forever. The last time I gave them nutrients was on 3/3. Most of the leaves have yellowed, which is totally expected.  But the buds haven’t really changed much in the past 2 weeks. I expected to harvest them at least 10 days ago.  They still look very strong and healthy and still drink about 1 gal a day. 

I did clip a few branches about a week ago. I just got em in the jar 2 days ago. Again, it looks amazing and sticky as all hell (not wet, but just full of resin). But the smoke is not really impressing me.  It is weak and it doesn’t last long.

So, I’m left confused and somewhat disappointed at the moment.  I’m not sure what to do. I’m so ready to chop em and they look ready, but it should be smoking WAY better than the first bit I dried did.

Please help!

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They are all super frosty - a plethora of very large colas. The trichs just refuse to turn amber. But I hesitate to use that as the sole determining factor being this far along. I will just keep giving em water. The lower fan leaves (those that haven’t already been removed) are still green and not drying out.  Most in and above the canopy have yellowed. I just don’t want to short the potency and cut before I should. 

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