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Am I not understanding this right?


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There seems to be not a small amount of debate over what a caregiver does, so, to be clear, I’m looking for a person, legally qualified, to grow 12 plants for me and provide me with a mere ounce a month for the opportunity to add 12 more plants to their grow. Is this really asking too much? Is this naïveté? Can somebody explain to me what that’s such an exorbitant request? 

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When caregivers could sell to dispensaries is when patients could get an ounce a month.

In past, I have bought license for patient but they paid for bud.

Occasionally I would have a good harvest and give some away.

Now patients pay for bud, no free ounce per month.

A lot of caregivers do not run 12 plants for patients. Takes lots of room and lights.

For a caregiver to take you on as patient, it would take 6 months to get first cycle through.

So they would give you 6 ounces while growing the plants?

Good luck finding someone to give you an ounce a month.

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The way I work it for my patients is this.

I pay for them to add me as a caregiver, which I believe is $40.

I give them samples of each strain/phenom when I harvest. So they know which ones work for them, so they don't waste their money on a strain/phenom they don't like.

My patients cost is about half what a dispensary charges if not more for equal quality. I do not fluctuate my price by how "good" the medicine is. Dispensaries charge $200 - $400 per oz in my area depending if "top shelf". I get the same agreed upon cost regardless cause my cost is the same regardless.

Point being each caregiver is going to be different. I would be worried about the ones that give you free medicine. Cause  Caregivers can't sell to dispensaries anymore, so how are they recuperating their cost? For me this was a hobby that became a passion and I have told my patients I will continue to grow for as long as it pays for its self, as I don't NEED to turn a profit. Once I start losing to much I will stop. Until that day I will continue to provide medicine at an affordable agreed upon cost.

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18 minutes ago, JimmyJamz said:

Zero, are you still looking for a caregiver? I will give you 1 oz free every other month and if you want to buy more, just $100 an onion. That's for the outdoor. The indoor cost a lot of money for me to grow extra. I already pay an extra $250 a month for my light bill lol

Makes no sense. Why give anything away? You are just phishing for personal info.

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