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Veteran Caregiver


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Hey everyone. I am a caregiver in West Michigan. I have been growing since I got out in 2008. I did 7 years 13F and was medically discharged. Cannabis saved my life, I went all in on it. I stopped all my pills and moved my family to Michigan. I have been a full time caregiver sine 2013 and I am in a position to help any other veterans that maybe going through what I went though. If you know anyone that is close to the edge on pills or any other substance, try to send them my way. I know I got hooked because of pain and stopping them once I wanted to was hard,. I used concentrates to fully get off of them and now I realize that a small pill with cannabanoids can do just as good if not better than a lot of the VA pills.

I have severe issues and will always be in pain, but cannabis makes my life easier. Taking a 100mg, 50mg, or even down to a 15 mg pill of THC can change someones life. Its also incredibly inexpensive to consume as well.

Im here to help and any veterans that are in need I will happily give you a bunch of samples to try to see if it can help you. Ill also teach you everything I know.



A Poynter

Grand Rapids Caregiver

Veteransoutpost  Instagram

4th ID 2001-2008

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What’s good bro, could use some help.


here’s my info you google these handles and you will find me. 
moved back from Michigan to Kentucky. Same situation you were in when you moved up here. Mainly on grasscity. But you can also find me on Facebook. 

USN 5 1/2 years. 


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