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Please Send Some Good Karma My Way For The Ladies...


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The Flowering stage is more affected by high heat than vegetative stage. If he's flowering and the temps regularly go above 85 I would keep a close eye on them and monitor their health. Sensitivity varies from strain to strain, at the very least it will slow the flowering process, at the most cause the flowering process to halt and/or cause a number of different deficiencies to appear.


Best of luck friend :)



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Not around these neck of the woods almost 90 here in wayne county yesterday.



wow I guess I should watch the weather once in a while, instead of just looking out the window!cool.gif

Been nice here!

Best of luck to ya rockin



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Who turned down the heat!!!! LOL!


It's cold this mornin'.....


Jim, it's "normally" warmer down here. I learned that fast when I lived up by TC for a few years. Nothing personal but yer winters are a bit harsher, lol.


It's darn beautiful up there though!!!! :thumbsu:



The ladies looked happy this mornin'! :thumbsu::thumbsu:

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i see in your future ....................................... cooler temps and a fantastic yield






Thanks, for harvesting tears of laughter out of them seeds of despair!




And, may KARMA SO NOT BE a B____ to your girls!



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yuppers. on the back deck in a hoodie this morning..... shorts and no shirt were fine 12 hours ago.


I just traded in my shorts for long pants. BBRR!!!!


I'm not big on coffee like I use to be, but a cup o hot java is sounding good right now!


There's pretty WW pics to see this mornin' too. :)

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