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Bills To Clarify Michigan's Medical Pot Law Stall In Lansing

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Bills to clarify Michigan's medical pot law stall in Lansing

Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News

Lansing --Bills seeking to clarify and regulate the use of medical marijuana in Michigan are languishing in Lansing, despite controversy and uncertainty over the law.

Those concerns were highlighted last week after Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard raided three medical marijuana facilities, arrested 16 people and sharply criticized the Medical Marijuana Act that voters approved in 2008.

Bouchard said the state needs a regulatory framework for the drug and called on lawmakers to push bills to allow the state to license dispensaries and "get them out of neighborhoods." But it's uncertain whether legislation will gain traction by year's end.


"Everything is in flux due to the budget and election," said state Rep. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, who has introduced a bill to ban marijuana clubs and bars. He estimates there are a dozen statewide.

Other bills in Lansing would:

• Allow the Michigan Department of Community Health to license up to 10 medical pot growing facilities in a one-year period.

• Establish licensure requirements including a $2,500 annual fee for growing facilities.

• Halt medical pot from being grown, sold or distributed unless it was grown and sold through a licensed growing dispensary.

• Bar local units of government from enacting or enforcing local ordinances on medical marijuana growing facilities.



From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100901/POLITICS02/9010365/1024/POLITICS03/Bills-to-clarify-Michigan-s-medical-pot-law-stall-in-Lansing#ixzz0yNLkAeLj


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We should NEVER give up the right to HOME-Grown MMJ!


I say it was FORTUNATE as hell that the Mich Legislature did NOT get involved in writing the law !


We are in a DEPRESSION in this state and if some CGs can make their mortgage payments and pay their car note and put food on the table through the reimbursement of their SERVICES--GREAAATTTT!!


Dr. Jinx

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One more thing the gov'mnt gets its grubby hands on, big dollar signs again, GREED, GREED, AND MORE GREED. Yup they prob'ly planned this all along, I agree. Oh boy, one MORE fight on our hands. Miserable creeps. They'll put chemicals in it, I am SURE. This is SO WRONG.



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We should be able to grow. I have invested quite a few $$ into my grow, and I know people have invested more funds and time into it than I. It is so much easier for us to grow than to have to drive somewhere yo pick up meds that may be grown bad, or not cured correctly , full of pesticides. I would rather smoke, eat, or vap what I grew with my hands and know exactly what is and isn't in them..

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