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More Light/cooling Questions...thanks


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Personally i would go with an eight inch fan and a reducer. It may seem like over kill today, but in those hot hot summers you'll be thanking your lucky stars.


I agree - you'll want an inline fan with a speed controller. I got the 8" inline fan, 590CFM and it is dialed down to 'low' for keeping my TWO 600watt Easy Cool 8s at only .5 degrees warmer than ambient temperature. During the hotter humid days, I did dial up the fan speed to move the air out as the A/C blew in more cold air.


Without connecting the two 600watt systems directly to the inline (I tried just venting into the room) it raised the temperature of the room by 8 degrees above ambient, and that did not include the heat put out by the dehumidifier (almost another 8 - 10 degrees). Building your ventilation system to be overkill is probably a great idea - you'll want the flexibility to increase CFM, either for hot days or adding a filter later.


I also used rigid ducting.



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