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I had a sample last night, a friend had it. looked really intresting. had great bag appeal. black on black, w/deep purple inside. not much of a smell. a little over dry. tasted harsh, like pencil shavings. decent effects. over all <5 out of 10. maybe experimenting on different harvest times till you find some flavor would help. maybe a better flush. if it were sweet and fruity, w/that look, you'd have some KILLER nugs

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I'm about to harvest a few VERY NICE Black Jack ladies... They are gorgeous & smell great, I originally requested Jack 47 from Sweet Seeds. Instead I got Black Jack AND I HAVE NOT BEEN DISAPPOINTED... Giant powerful looking flowers... I will post some pics of theses medicinal herbs soon. The background of Black Jack (Sweet Seeds)is described as follows via their site:


"We have crossed-bred our Black Domina with an exceptional Jack Herer of pleasing and intense aroma similar to the haze of cathedral incense, resulting on one of our most powerful and highly productive plant.


This variety produces long lateral branches plenty of abundant resinous buds giving the plant a sphere like form. This breed-crossing provides the plant a sweet aroma characteristic of Black Domina that softens the deep incense aroma of our Jack.


It has the great vigour of a hybrid, totally adapted to indoor conditions. Planted outdoor in earth, with enough sun, becomes a resinous and hairy monster as high as 3 metres"


Black Jack


Very nice strong plant BLACK JACK is... My assumption is a good Black Domina plant should be a pleasure to work with... :gym:


Buds got so big from Black Jack I had to increase support system... I doubt this was due to the Jack background, BUT???


I crossed her with a couple of my strains for some R&D.



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Got my black seeds from bc bud depot. I'm germinating now and shooting for a female... ill keep you updated on my progress.


That would be great! I checked the one you are talking about, looks like a real nice bud, big, not so many leaves cluttering up the bud.

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