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Rooting Gel

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My clones are not rooting as well this time.


I bought some gel, 3 months ago. The grow store said to not dip the clones directly into the container as that would contaminate the gel. So I scooped some out. Things went very well for that batch.


I used the same gel for this batch. They are doing so well. I'm trying to rule out the posibility that the gel could degrade over a 3 month period.


Any thoughts?

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I use CloneX also. I dunk the cutting stem in RO water to make sure there's no air pockets. Then pour a little in a baggy and message the cutting stem inside the bag. Then they go into the tropical Paradise for 7-10 days. I'm working on a shrink ray so I can climb in there. MI winter sucks.

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I store my clonex in the refrigerator..........It gives me the same results when its almost empty as when I first open it....HJ

I also use clonex and store it in the refrigerator.......When I use it, I pour a little bit in a small container so I dont contaminate my main bottle and I also let the stuff that I put in the little container sit for awhile before I use it, so it can warm up a bit. I use a small ebb-n-flow system with a dome for cloning. Sometimes I get roots in 9-10 days, sometimes 3 weeks. It depends on the strain and the quality of the branch/cutting your using (health, thickness of stem, length of cutting, etc).



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Someone did an experiment on ICMag a while back testing the different products to aid in cloning. Straight water won hands down. I use a DIY aero cloner myself, and tap water works 100% for me.


If you have your temps, humidity, moisture, and lighting correct, they will clone. IMO all those cloning products just give a boost to the various pathogens that can attack a clone.


Always remember that different strains take differing amounts of time to pop roots. My OG Kush is like 4 days, C99 takes 7, and I used to have a C99xC4 that took 18-21 days to get pimples.

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