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In Bloom - No Not Nirvana


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thought id start a post to cronical the bloom room, and the CMH 400w Philips lighting setup.


currently one CMH 400 with an econo reflector from SS, on a SS Harvest Pro Elite HPS 400w Ballast. Room is 4x6 with a 7ft ceiling. vented from under house for cool air intake, and has a ceiling vent in for heat exhaust. temps stay steady about 78 thru "Daylight" and 65ish for "Nighttime".


plants are Durbin Poisen best i know. had about 10 days of rooting from cut, and 5 weeks of veg time at 18/6 all under the CMH. flipped into bloom (12/12) using same CMH as i finished up the smaller veg area i ll be using for now.


not much to see up to last week, and i have pics in my gallery, but i ll just start with pics from today, day 22 of bloom. Iv been told Durbins are a 8ish week flower, so im about 1/3rd of the way give or take a smidge.












more next weekend.

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vegged and now in bloomunder the 400w CMH.

they were 2 clones cut a couple days apart. rooted and vegged under the CMH for about 5 or 6 weeks after rooting.

plants were between 27 and 32 inches tall when i flipped to bloom light timing. now they are about 40 to 45 inches tall (plant above soil). compared to how the other cuttings stretched under a 1000w hps ran on 750w (dimmable ballast) ive stretched far less than those one have. I seen a pair of 8 in girls go into bloom. they are nearly 4ft tall now, and are only 2 weeks earlier into bloom than mine, and scawny scrawny scrawny, tall. no where near donkey full as bushy. just filling in some details.

but yes, their is some growth between the nodes, but that seems to be commen with this strain so far. 3 or 4 of us around here are growing some out, and so far, it looks like i have the least amount of stretch. its really slowed down alot now as well.

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Nirvana has impressed me with their gear -DP is a awesome plant if you let her go all the way she will get resinous and the effects are fun goofy intense-we are running 'pure power plant'-'Venus flytrap'- 'northern lights' and 'aurora indica' by them!


looking great those CMH bulbs need to be in the 1000watt before we buy into CMH-nice grow cant wait to see the results

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oh, this isnt anything from Nirvana the breeder either, infact, i didnt know there was a breeder going by Nirvana. lol


I was only referring to InBloom, which is a Nirvana (the band) song i beleive. lol


all i know about the girls is they are said to be Durbin. and its pretty good. got to sample some of the sisters that was grown from the same mom.

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guess its been a few since i updated. tomorrow will be week 8. im figuring im about 2 maybe 3 weeks from being done and ready to harvest. maybe a tad sooner.


the pics with the bud light bottle was almost 2 weeks ago now. not alot of added growth, but plenty of densing up going on with them.


on to the porno.


pics from about 10 days ago.





and yesterdays pics





low bud sites






some good trich close ups






more later

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took one girl tonight. other is getting 24/48 of darkness in the flood.


took the largest girl after 3 days of flooded 12/12. she swelled much in those 3 days.

here she is with all the fanleaf removed. still have some of them in the buds yet.





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