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Best Bloom Booster Strains


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I've only tried two bloom boosting liquids so far: Fox Farms Big Bloom and Advanced Nutrients Big Bud. I never got a huge difference from the Fox Farms, but the AN Big Bud is HOLY #$%&*! BUT... only with certain strains. This will require a lot more experimentation, but I would love it if anyone can post strains that have seen significantly larger buds from a bloom booster.


I'm growing a lot of genetics right now just to discover what I like and what grows the best. Out of my current grow here's the effects of AN's Big Bud.


Bubblegum: Huge increase. The buds are at least 1/3 larger than the last grow.

Strawberry Cough: Another big increase but not quite as big as with the Bubblegum.

Northern Lights: Definite increase, but not as much as Bubblegum and Strawberry Cough.

Durban Poison: Very little increase in bud size.

NL5 x Haze: Very little if any increase in bud size.

Blueberry: Little increase.


This was only a somewhat scientific test and based on only two grow cycles. However I did my best to make sure all of the plants received the same nutes. All of these plants were in a sterile soilless mix and hand watered. It seems like haze crosses or lanky sativas do not benefit as much.



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High when i use a booster i like the Kool Bloom by gh give it a try. works very well just dont over do it i use 1 tea spoon a gal but only the 2nd week into a new water change in dwc to boost up what has been used mainly by the plants but realy i don't use a boost for size just to add back to get back to my ppm. KAK

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What is the AN Boost extracted from? I know the FF is Bat/Worm castings. Out of all the FF line the Big Bloom is the one nute that I dont skimp on or use lowest reccomended dose. 1/4 cup/gal every other watering!

I run Bubblegum also and may try some just to see difference and give some more data on FF/AN differences.

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AN Big Bud is derived from Potassium Sulfate and Potassium Phosphate. You can read the label here:




I was talking to the guy at the hydro store and he said it should realy be used in conjunction with Bud Candy and the other AN line of flowering products for maximum yield. Big Bud is only recommended for use in weeks 2-4 of flowering. I think after it runs out I will try KoolBloom as I like GH products.

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Big Bud is ANs best product IMO, Ive used it for more then a decade because i cant find anything better..I run it as soon as i see flowers straight through to week 4, sometimes 5 depending on the strain. The other product i really like is Shooting Powder by House and Garden. Shooting powder causes another layer of bud to start to grow on top of the bud that has already grown..sorta like fox tailing but on an epic level. A word of caution about shooting powder..if your new to growing be super careful, it doesnt take much to burn your crop to a cinder if you use it wrong.

Peace Lm

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send him a pm pic, he aint back yet. I refreshed for the results of his experiments. not sure if he still gets my pm though(?), thread is a few yrs old.

When I grew in hydro 8 reservoirs were my standard in flower. supporting a full card then with an awesome perpetual grow/harvest. I had the opportunity to do

 a bunch of side by sides but usually hit all of the plants in a particular reservoir at one time.

I honestly saw huge Bud Candy, Floralicious, etc differences in every genetic compared to no flavor/bud enhancers. I admit my watch was for changes in the comparison of others using none, so I may not have noticed that "it wasn't working on some" if that was the case.


This is actually where my thoughts on the subject originated.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7O991tOoLs


and when they said "Floralicious contains a perfect balance of vitamins, phytohormones, humic acids, plant sugars, protein builders and flavor enhancers" and with statements like "This natural sweetener is available in a variety of flavors, including Sugar Cane, Coconut, Pineapple Rush, and original FruitnFusion. B'Cuzz Bio-NRG Flavor is a taste improvement agent. It will enhance the flavor of the final fruits or vegetables. Flavor is an organic flavor and taste improvement agent on a basis of molasses."cane sugar, malt extract, and molasses, along with plant-based esters, L-amino acids, vitamins, and essential minerals with the essence of banana. Acting as a natural sweetener, FloraNectar BananaBliss helps plants transfer natural sugars and flavor into growing fruit. Whether you're growing with soil and coco, or hydroponically, use FloraNectar BananaBliss and see a larger crop yield with sweeter and more flavorful fruit. Please Note: Not for sale in Oregon at this time. "


that blew me away. I wasn't interested in flavors per say, but those precursors they may have been using in their formulas. I found mostly failure in their claims of flavor, but did see the whole P/K bud booster power. A dumb notion, except if cash weight, photography is on the mind. They just add more vegetable matter mostly, reducing "potency" by weight. BUT, I did realize that the flaovoring part was due to the res stinking like bananas, or the like, and the overwhelming amount of sugars they were pouring in the res. Just like a mildew smelling basement will produce mildew smelling buds, that's how their "flavoring" worked.(imo) They were using fruit extracts in hopes of a root uptake. It doesn't often work like that in real life I think. Those sweet volatile compounds filling the air simply "stuck" in the buds, sorta.


now came the thought of realistic uptake of superior flavonoids in the most natural means possible. Enter my composting of various items, like bananas, mango's, coconut, lemons/limes pine needles, etc. It takes long periods of time to properly compost, but when finished the composted fruits look no different than high quality soil, smelled freshly the same. I have to actually label my soils because after composted the smell is of dirt, not source.

when I stopped growing in hydro, and changed to dirt I quickly realized that extra "sweetness" or "booster" I was missing was found in a bag of happy frog/promix soil, soon after I added water ! I don't add anything to soil beyond fertilizer and water.

The Las Vegas Lemon growing in the worm composted lemon soil is growing next to the same in my normal dirt. For the best appearing, best tasting, best smelling "widest" terpene expressions, the lemon soil wins hands down. I believe the manufacturers will soon b on this, as they were on the bananalicious/budcandy/big bud/ and the hundred others widely used to accomplish similar results.


hope that helps

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gm:  even for a workaholic, dirt is too much.

u have to be a true believer to heft compost and sort red wigglers.

even for flavors in ur weed it is a halluvalottawork.

You got that right! dirt is dirty hard work. I compost my butt off

but no longer do it for the "garden" but smaller scale for my own notes.


I use worms to compost still, but I don't use that system in the grow room now.

I stopped at the end of the summer, and now use brand new promix/happy frog mix

with Organicare pellets. I get the same results with less work. I didn't use to trust the

packaged fertilizer sellers, now, I threw in the towel. no nutes in veg needed, one scoop in flower, one more in 30 days. cheap and easy. As long as patients keep finding me and offering to help me discover, I'm game. When I grow for just myself we'll sit around the shanty and compare notes my man!

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