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Drying With This High Humidity.


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Im having a problem drying my meds in this weather. Wondering if anyone had any ideas. I started drying about 2 weeks ago by taking off the sucker leaves then hanging them. Monday I trimmed and put in jar for burping, I never closed the lid on the jar, but over night the meds had a funny smell. So I have since took them out of the jar. )Cant afford a dehumidifier right now)

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Guest Happy Guy

The central air is on but still having problems..

Put it by the vent and let the dried air blow right on it. I think you just put it in the jar too soon. Start by putting it in the jar for an hour or two and then take it back out. The jar spreads the moisure out through the cannabis. Then you take it out and dry the outside. Put it back in to equalize.... repeat as often as needed.

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If you have a small closet, I had once (I think from Meijer) a little bag of crystals that sucked the humidity out of the air. It was for closets, came on a hanger even. I had a closet that started molding in my old house because of the temp differential in the summer, I cleaned out the surface mold really well, stuck this in there, and never had a mold problem again.


I think it was only like $3, but, it won't do a large area, you would have to use it in like a closed closet or something. Just an idea, I havent tried it.



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I've been experimenting with drying in a sealed, air-tight box with silica gel crystals in the box.


About $15 gets you several pounds of silica gel crystals at the local Hobby Lobby (they're used for drying flowers). I bought two bags and the checkout lady said "Wow, somebody is drying a lot of flowers today!".


mmmm, yep, that's exactly my plan, maam.


I've tried a few methods so far:

  1. hang whole plant to dry for 4-6 days, then clip branches / buds down to size, into "dry box" till dry, then final trim and into the jars.
  2. trim plants fresh, into "dry box" till dry, then into jars open inside the "dry box", then seal up the jars. (fresh trimmed buds try out too quickly if exposed to the dry air, so after 1-2 days of it I put them in jars with open tops in the "dry box", this helps them dry slower.

Method 2 makes beautiful hard, dense, very closely trimmed buds, looking like some of the decent Cali stuff floating around up here. It does involve trimming while fresh, though, and I would rather dry for a few days before trimming. It generally takes 2-5 days for the buds to dry enough to seal up in jars (following Simon's 'perfect cure' method as shown at icmag).


Lowe's carries an air-tight plastic box that is just a little taller than quart Mason jars when closed. This lets you fill up jars with buds, leave the caps off, and place in the box with the silica gel. The jars won't tip over, and there is enough airflow to extract moisture, but not as quickly as when buds are directly exposed to dry silica gel.


Anyway, no final recipes or directions here, but you can definitely dry your buds in humid conditions and avoid mold with this approach.

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A longer dry time is good. Will give the chlorophyll more time to break down. Or, spread the plant material on a piece of corrugated cardboard. Quicker dry but may also remove moisture too fast.


It's important to dry and cure slowly. Can't rush a good thing. Patience is the key. I've seen some folk's good meds turn to mold and wasted by being jarred too early. I have some OG Kush been properly dried and curing in the jar since first part of April. You would not believe the taste and medical effect.


Proper dry + proper cure = Mightier Meds.




Best of luck to you. :thumbsu:

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